Double wire fence

1. Introduction of double wire fence: Materials: Heavy Low Carbon Wire, Heavy Mild Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire Wire Dia.:2x6mm, 2x8mm Mesh Openings:50*200 mm, 55*200 mm, 50*100 mm,50*150 mm ,etc. Fence Width:2500mm Height Fence:630,1030,1230,1430,1630,1830,2030,2230,2430mm 2. Application of double wire fence: double wire fence has simple structure ,firm and durable,easy to difficult to fade , so mainly used in highways, airports,railway stations,service areas ,airports,ports and other fields,using high quality of iron wire as raw material,and welded panel ,after galvanized and powder coated is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. 3. Surface Treatment of double wire fence: Forms of corrosion resistance include electric galvanizing,hot dipped galvanizing, PVC spraying and PVC coating(the thickness of powder coating is 100 microns usually). 4. Post: Square Post: 50*50mm,60*60mm,80*80mm,100*100mm (thickness 1.5mm-2.5mm) Rectangular post: 80*60*2.5mm, 120*60*3mm Peach Post: 50*70mm,60*90mm,70*100mm(thickness 1.5mm-2.5mm) Post height: 1100-3000mm (remain 500mm under the ground) 5. Production process: straighten & cut short the wire --- welding --- bending --- galvanizing --- parkerizing ---powder/pvc coating ---packaging