double loop wire mesh fence

1. Features of Double Loop Wire Mesh Fence :

  1. Material: Low carbon steel wire, Electric galvanized wire, Stainless steel wire
  2. Surface Treatment: Electro-galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated, Powder coated
  3. Wire Diameter: 3mm – 6mm as standard
  4. Mesh Size: 50x200mm, 75x150mm, 75x75mm as standard
  5. Panel Length: 1.0m – 3m
  6. Panel Height: 0.5m – 2.5m
  7. Edge can be bended into: Round Edges, Triangle Edges, Square Edges
  8. Applicable Post: Round post

Widely used for protection of cities, Including gardens, Lawn, Zoos, Pools and lakes, Roads and uptowns, Decoration of hotels and so on.

Double Loop Wire Mesh Fence Specification:

Material High quality low carbon steel
mesh hole dimension (mm) 75x150,50x200
Length(mm) 1000-2300
Production processing Drawing, galvanized, welded and then PVC coated
thickness of dipping (mm) 0.7-0.8
Wire diameter after dipping (mm) 4.0,5.0,6.0
Post style Round post
Pre-burying base(mm)



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